Rachel Sullivan

Development Manager at County of Simcoe

I have known Bob Minhas for approximately 5 years and throughout that time we have had the opportunity to work together on a number of fronts. When I was in my previous position as the Economic and Community Development Officer with the Town of Innisfil, Bob was a local entrepreneur that volunteered his time to help me organize a learning event for local entrepreneurs. He also delivered the main content for the workshop which I know was of benefit to the participants. He also went above and beyond to help me find ways to identify and connect with home-based entrepreneurs. Normally, this group is difficult to identify and therefore connect with, but Bob had extensive networks built up in the community and he was only too willing to let me take advantage of his networks to begin to establish my own relationships.

Most recently, Bob has proved to be a valuable asset to a pilot project we have been delivering in the County of Simcoe in partnership with the City of Barrie. Bob was hired to be an outreach business consultant to deliver services to aspiring or existing entrepreneurs, normally delivered within the City of Barrie, to outlying areas within Simcoe County. On paper the pilot was straightforward however it proved to be more politically sensitive (from a community perspective) which affected the uptake in the project. By all accounts the pilot could have failed , but Bob persevered. His determined and focused approach and people skills, helped gain traction, and several partners and communities benefited from the pilot as a direct result of Bob’s efforts.

I wish Bob the best of luck with his future endeavours.

Tammy Hudgin

Creating Your Presence

Bob definitely knows how to engage the audience.  Besides the valuable knowledge that he provides, he makes them laugh, he interacts, he encourages them. Hats off to you Bob for being able to always capture your audience!

Sara McIntosh


Bob‘s seminar was more than I had hoped for!  He gave personalized insight into each attendees’ business goals. His guidance with regards to their social media strategy was definitely worth every minute! I personally have successfully implemented so many of his tips! Thanks Bob!