About Bob

About Dear Old Me

You want answers?

You want the truth?

I’LL HELP YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH (...of entrepreneurship!)

/End scene./

I’m Bob and I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my time here. One of the biggest ones being how to bounce back strong from a whole array of misfortunes that resulted from my entrepreneurial ambitions.

Now I eat, pray, and love (thank you, Julia Roberts) at the intersection of Government Policy, Entrepreneurial Gumption, and Innovative Excellence. I haven’t been able to shut up about it quite yet, which is why I like doing strange things like teaching others how to fuck up less as an entrepreneur, how to find support systems before you start your business, and and how to find your overall purpose.

Would you like to know how I got here?

I’ve been an Entrepreneur for 15 years. So skilled am I at my craft, that I’ve been asked to work with HGTV personalities, Telecommunication Giants, New Home Developers, Municipalities and even more grassroot brands such as Chambers, Crimestoppers and Casinos. However, to get here, I did fail. And not gracefully. After divorce, fire and homelessness, I persevered with pennies in my pocket to rebuild my life and return to the glory of Entrepreneurship.

Why am I worth it?

I love the momentum and vision of entrepreneurs that are on their way to innovation, which is why I was a born business coach.

I also love the impact of a well-timed “get your shit together and rethink this” speech, which is why I’m a great business speaker.

I really enjoy using photos of Schwarzenegger to emphasize my points, whether I’m speaking to young entrepreneurs or wizened business experts. It sure doesn’t work for everybody, but what it really does is emphasize that I can help you metaphorically take an acting career and turn it into senator-worthy accolades.

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Get clear, get focused, and get inspired.

Send me a long list of your woes here if you think this is the sort of tough love you need to get your (or your conference attendee’s) businesses burning again.

Where Bob's Made an Impact

  • Founder, Entrepreneur House
  • Economic Development Officer, City of Kawartha Lakes
  • Past role: Mobile Small Business Consultant, Barrie/Simcoe County/Orillia area