Have you ever laid awake, wondering if your idea is worth the risk it takes? Or been in the thick of your business, questioning how the hell you got there?

Have you ever felt like a toddler in a little suit at networking events, “faking it till you make it”?

Do you know what it feels like to be isolated and lonely even while running your business? When no one gets you and everyone judges you and there’s no way out?

Did you ever need to sit down to take a breath because you’re on the verge of a series of panic attacks, and you just can’t let anyone know you’re in trouble?

I’m Bob and I’m not interested in feeding you BS about Entrepreneurship.

What I am interested in is teaching you about the sometimes-grueling road of Entrepreneurial failures, and Entrepreneurial successes. Because I’ve been in both places, and I gotta tell you, I only liked one.

What can I do for you?

I want to pull you from where you are, and place you on the path where you belong.

Give you hope again.

Titanic-sized hope that if you were Leo, clinging onto a floating door in the middle of the Atlantic, my red-headedness would pull you up onto that floating chunk of wood with me and give you another chance at life… and entrepreneurship. I do this with waves of new people every month, and you’re welcome to surf along with us.

Channel your fire.

The turtle and the hare didn’t have cell-phones and weren’t on social media. They didn’t have Instagram, but you do. Don’t lose your panties over the amount of options you have. I encourage you to “Be the myopic turtle”. I’ll show you how to take the time you need to make the choices you’ll benefit from.

Support your booty.

In the same way those 80s workout videos did, you can consider me the spandex to your rear-end. I have a brilliant network of entrepreneurs who are in the same exercise class, and knowing where they went wrong will help you go right.

Why do I do this?

Because I’ve been down the rabbit hole – the fear of looking stupid, the loneliness, the fire, the divorce, the hopelessness, and the homelessness – and I want to help you Skip Go and Collect $200. I work with people to save them from themselves and their darkest thoughts about who they can’t be. I do this because I know what that fork in the road looks like, and I want you on the right path before you walk it.

I’m also, conveniently, the founder of Entrepreneur House, a long-time builder of businesses, a speaker and community leader. I help visionaries with scalable ideas develop their concepts, create their own economy, and transform the world – or, in other words, I help people get over their fears and move forward with their brilliant ideas. I’ve helped over 400 entrepreneurs thrive when they were just about to call it quits, and I do this one auditorium, hall, and event at a time.

What they say...

What are my clients are saying about me?

RACHEL SULLIVAN County of Simcoe

Bob went above and beyond to help me find ways to identify and connect with home-based entrepreneurs. Normally, this group is difficult to identify and therefore connect with, but Bob had extensive networks built up in the community and he was only too willing to let me take advantage of his networks to begin to establish my own relationships.

TAMMY HUDGIN Creating Your Presence

Bob definitely knows how to engage the audience.  Besides the valuable knowledge that he provides, he makes them laugh, he interacts, he encourages them. Hats off to you Bob for being able to always capture your audience!


Bob's seminar was more than I had hoped for!  He gave personalized insight into each attendees' business goals. His guidance with regards to their social media strategy was definitely worth every minute! I personally have successfully implemented so many of his tips! Thanks Bob!